Exhibit Rules & Regulations

  1. Only one company may exhibit in a single space. Items or services exhibited or referred to must be those normally provided or manufactured by the exhibitor.
  2. No application form will be processed without payment in full.
  3. Due to the nature of the conference, no refunds will be offered.
  4. All representatives who will be staffing exhibit booths must be registered for the meeting. Supporting companies are allowed a set number of Uregistration(s) based on their supporter level.  Additional booth personnel may register for an additional fee.
  5. Display materials that may be deemed by the conference organizers to detract from the dignity of the exhibit show will not be permitted.
  6. All signage, and logos, to be provided by supporting company, must adhere to conference specifications.
  7. All exhibit tables and support services will be provided by the hotel. Note: electrical access may not be available.  Any additional support costs are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  8. Security will NOT be provided. The property of the exhibitors shall at all times remain in the sole possession, custody, and responsibility of each exhibitor.

Industry Guidelines:

In recent years, much attention has been given to the relationships between the pharmaceutical and medical device/equipment industry and health care professionals. Gifts, individual relations, and professional education have been topics at the forefront of discussion. It is the responsibility of all exhibitors to be aware of and abide by all applicable association codes including but not limited to, those listed below:

Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) Code of Ethics for Interactions with Health Care Professionals – approved 2003, additional FAQs 2005
American Medical Association Opinion 8.06 Gifts to Physicians from Industry and Clarifying Addendum
Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Code of Interaction with Healthcare Professionals – revised July 2008

Distribution of Product:

FDA Regulations

Exhibitors must abide by all applicable Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. This information may be obtained from the FDA at this website: http://www.fda.gov/cder/ddmac/.

Exhibitors are reminded that the FDA generally prohibits the advertising or other promotion of investigational or unapproved drugs and devices. The FDA also forbids the promotion of approved drugs or devices for unapproved uses. All products that have not been FDA approved for a particular use in humans or that are not commercially available in the United States will be permitted to be exhibited only when accompanied by appropriate signage indicating the device's clearing status. The signs must be easily visible and placed near the products themselves and on any graphics depicting the product. The exhibitor shall have available at the booth a letter from the FDA, which describes the allowable use status of the product(s). Exhibitors are cautioned about the FDA's prohibition on promoting cleared-for-marketing devices for unapproved uses. Requests for information and guidance should be directed to the FDA.


Selling of Products or Services

Exhibitors may display products that they have manufactured. Exhibitors may not accept cash, checks or credit cards for merchandise in the exhibition Hall; however, orders may be taken. Exhibitors electing to take orders must do so in a manner consistent with the professional nature of the exhibit.


Use of Name, Insignia, Logo or Acronym

NorthShore University Healthsystems, University of Chicago and Meeting Achievements names, insignias, logos and acronyms are proprietary marks and may not be used in signs, advertising, or promotions in any media or product literature either inside or outside of the exhibit area unless prior written approval has been received from the conference organizers.


Liability and Security

Exhibitors must make provisions for safeguarding their display and property at all times. The exhibitor is responsible for all liability, losses, claims, and damages relating to any injury, death, or damage to property (including the Exhibition Hall), however occurring, arising from the acts of the exhibitor, his or her employees, agents, licensees, or contractors. The exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless NorthShore University HEaltsystems, Meeting Achievements and University of Chicago from and against any and all liability, losses, claims, and damages that may arise from or be asserted in connection with the foregoing undertaking and responsibilities of the exhibitor.


Terms and Conditions

If applicable, as a condition for exhibiting, each exhibitor shall agree to observe all stated policies in this document. The Conference reserves the right to refuse exhibit space to any applicant at its sole discretion.

If exhibiting at the conference, the undersigned has read the enclosed Exhibit/Sponsor Agreement and agrees to abide by these regulations. Failure to abide by these regulations will result in forfeiture of all monies paid or due under the terms of the agreement.